Our Sumptuous Selection of French Red Wines and Boutique Beers

William Fèvre Premier Cru Chablis – 2008 Chablis – France

The soils from this area give this wine the unique Terrior characteristic of minerality. From one of the largest Chablis producers. Very fresh and racy with notes of citrus and whitefleshed fruit.Subtle Alc at 12.5%. A great introduction to Chablis.

Deux Montil Mersault 1 Cru – 2007 Mersault Burgundy

Almost invisible wood sets off an elegant, pure, ripe and airy nose of citrus, green fruit and peace aromas that complement the round, detailed and attractively stony flavours that possess notably better phenolic ripeness on the lingering finish. Rich and complex.

Pinossimo – Bouchard Aîné & Fils – 2006 Pays d’Oc – France

Jammy fruit spices and herbs from a company producing some of the best Pinot Noirs in the World. Round tannins, black currant, liqourice and black cherry flavours. Long lasting vanilla-tinge finish. Look for the Orange casing.

Chambolle-Musigny, Domaine Jean Marie-Fourrier – 2007 Burgundy

Bright, deep red. Musky strawberry, raspberry and mint on the nose. Perfumed and aromatically precise. Rich, sweet and supple, with lovely fullness to the flavors of red fruits, spices, flowers and stone. Finishes with dusty tannins and lovely building persistence.

Echezeaux, Domaine de la Romanee Conti 2007 Burgundy

A spicy, expressive and expansive nose of red berry fruit, distinct vegetal nuances, freshly sliced fennel and obvious earth notes that transfer over to the detailed, balanced and energetic flavors that possess excellent transparency on the vibrant and mouth coating finish. There is a lingering inner mouth perfume here that makes this quite seductive.

 Goedvetrou – 2004 Botrivier

Only three barrels made of this wonderful Burgundian variety. Truly luxurious……this one will surprise. Minimal volumes results in intensity of colour and flavour. Elegant extraction and structure, with bitter Cherry and earthy tones. Classic dry tannins with a lingering, fresh finish. A wine of old world charm.

Cote Rotie, Chateau Saint Cosme – 2008 Côte Rôtie (Northern Rhone)

Crisp, but fresh and lively, boasting some snap to the tobacco leaf, pepper, blackberry and olive notes. Lightly firm, but well-focused on the finish. Rich, velvety, deep wine with subtle smoky, bacon fat and flower tinged aromatics over an opulent base of roasted blackberry. The oldest Estate in the region. Going back to 1416.

Pauillac Private Reserve – 2007  Bordeaux
Chateau Grand-Puy-Ducasse

A Family owned vineyard where the terroir is typically deep gravel and limestone bedrock with traditional Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties. Rich and full bodied. “Curious and dusty pithey flavour” as described in Gourmets Companion.

Châteauneuf- de- Pape Domaine la Roquète – 2007 – Châteauneuf

Typically this blend for this Domaine contains 70% Grenache, 20% Syrah and 10% Mourvèdre. Deep Ruby /purple tinged colour with a bouquet of black currents, black cherries, pepper, and lavender.Full bodied and ripe.

 Beaujolais – Bouchard Aîné & Fils – 2008 Burgundy

Predominant fruit namely cherries and berries with this. From being “the poor man’s quaff” to one of the most popular red wines of France. 100% Gamay Noir grape varietal. Open and expressive……….Great dry lunch red to be had as an opening first wine for the evening. Lower alcohol at 12.5%.

We’re proud to introduce the São Gabriel Range of Beers.

In our ongoing quest for more substance, authenticity and meaning we were thrilled to find this range. The group responsible for this collection challenged themselves to find some of Europe’s oldest family-run breweries in search of artisan-produced beers. Working hand in hand with the breweries they have developed the finest, authentic lagers and ales. Their raw passion, blind optimism and reckless resolve are bound to make a difference to our ale loving clients.

Now stocking:

Brewers and Union Unfiltered

This lager, which is unfiltered, unpasteurised, and bursting with flavour. It has phenomenal body and freshness, which is hazy to the eye and full on the palate.

Stephen Weiss Bavarian Weiss

Delicate, smooth and creamy this wheat beer is a true and traditional unfiltered Bavarian Weiss. The signature yeast is gloriously expressed in intriguing aromas of vanilla and clove.

Berne Amber Unfiltered Amber

This is an old, rare and rather unique German style beer. Wholesome and buttery with toasty, bready malts and hints of caramel and toffee.

African Cuisine at its Finest

Africa boasts of many luxurious hotels with restaurants and fine dining that attract some of the worlds finest chefs. There are too many to count and way too many to explore at once. The elegance and sophistication in these hotels is out of this world and the culinary cuisine is top class!

Here are a few we thought worth mentioning:

Constance Le Prince, Maurice, Pointe de Flacq, Mauritius: With more than 89 suites, comfort is top priority for everyone who stays at the Constance Le Prince hotel. Other services offered at the hotel include babysitting, hairdressing and water sports. Yes, you heard right, there are babysitters for that one or many private and special evenings you might to spend with your significant other. The restaurants at Constance Le Prince include of The Archipel, the Barachois Bar, and The Barachois restaurant, The Sushi Corner, The Laguna Bar, The Lotus Lounge Bar and The Wine Cellar.
Baraza Resort & Spa, Bwejuu, Tanzania: The Arab style is the first thing that will greet you when you set foot at the Baraza Resort and Spa. Baraza Resort & Spa is Zanzibar’s utmost elite boutique hotels. From sea views to en-suite bathroom villas, luxury is the name of the game at Baraza Resort & Spa. Baraza Resort & Spa is an all-inclusive family resort with activities for the whole family. There is a library that boosts of historical books of Zanzibar and East Africa for the children to read. The books available at the library range from anything between animals, trees, fish and spices of East Africa. For folks looking to holiday here, be sure to check the latest Zanzibar Packages on offer at www.discoverzanzibar.co.za.
The Oyster Box, Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa: There is a saying that roams around Durban that says ‘Fact: Durban Rocks’. The Oyster Box proves just how much Durban rocks. The Oyster Box offers an exceptional view overseeing the Indian Ocean and the lighthouse. This hotel carries much weight having won many awards such as the Top Hotel in South Africa from the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards 2017. Talk about practicing what they preach! Kids under the age of 12 stay for free. The Oyster Box has a gym, a spa and is pet friendly for those who can’t go a day without seeing their pets.
Hotel Sahrai, Fes, Morocco: This hotel has an outdoor pool, garden, wellness center and spa. There is free Wi-Fi for the children and guests who want to surf the net or round up on some last minute work assignments. There is also a rooftop bar that serves global and nationwide dishes for the guests to enjoy. There is a rooftop as well for the people that love things on higher side of life!
Belmond Safaris, Okavango, Delta, Botswana: Belmond Safari is one of the best places to visit in Botswana. Not only is it pleasing for the eyes to be around such beautiful nature, it is also pleasing for the excellent staff that is waiting to be at your service. Restaurants include the Savute Boma, Fish Eagle Bar and private dining. Be sure not to miss taking the half day helicopter and horseback safari ride while you are there! You won’t regret it.
Fairmont, The Norfolk Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya: The Norfolk Hotel was constructed in the year 1904. Throughout the years, Fairmont The Norfolk has been renovated to give it a bit of a contemporary touch while conserving its customary appeal. There are a 170 visitor lodgings and suites; a heated outside swimming pool, fitness club, tropical redesigned lands, and a variety of restaurants, comprising of the Lord Delamere Terrace, a widely held rendezvous for global travelers and native clients. It is safe to say Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel still remains undeniably Nairobi’s finest gem.

Without a doubt though we have to choose Baraza Resort & Spa, Bwejuu, Tanzania as the winner from this selection of hotels hosting fine dining and elegant cuisine. The menu is packed with mouth watering dishes that will appeal to every gourmet’s palette. Be sure to check out the web for all the best Zanzibar Accommodation packages if you are tempted to give this jewel a try.
Africa has many other spectacular hotels throughout the entire continent. If we had to review them all, we would take just about the exact amount of years the Norfolk Hotel has been in operation.

Chefs and Restaurant work in Cape Town

Working as a chef in a Cape Town restaurant is a great opportunity. Cape Town is a great city to explore your adventurous side, it is also a great place to settle down and build your career in the restaurant industry, as it is home to some of the countries finest chefs, serving up sumptuous cuisine. It is known as a place of abundant opportunities so it comes as a no surprise why it is cherished by many. Being different individuals with different tastes ranging from different backgrounds, our careers are not going to be the same. So it is recommended you shop around before settling in a job you don’t like. A lot of young chefs end up taking on part time work that takes them away from the sometime frenetic industry of preparing delectable dishes and food for gourmet guests.

After doing some research it seems that these young food enthusiasts often migrate  towards the following occupations when leaving the restaurant and hospitality industry:
•    Writer: There are a lot of blogs and internships available for beginners in the writing sector. A background in catering and food preparation would make writing articles for a food or restaurant blog a cinch. This job normally entail giving aspiring writers or graduates the opportunity to be taught by experienced writers how to write, edit and create various content. It is a great platform to grow in the social market and grow your brand as a writer. If all goes well, you may have your own blog some day!
•    Sale Consultant: A successful sale consultant is solely built on how much effort that specific individual is willing to put to get rewarding results. It also requires you to have good communication skills as you going to be speaking to clients on a regular basis. Ultimately, confidence is key, if you don’t trust your potential in winning a client, you probably won’t. However, if you believe in your efforts and dedication, you will succeed.
•    Hostess: To those that have studied Hospitality, this a perfect job for you. It is not only subject to Hospitality students or graduates but it also depends on how well you sell yourself at an interview. Being a hostess requires a lot of selfless service and always ensuring your clients are pleased at all times. Punctuality should be your forte as you will be working with bookings, meetings and cash registers. Time management is a great asset to have in this business because time is money and money is time!
•    Financial Adviser: We are aware of how money is the root of all evil and without it, we still struggle. That said, it is a good investment to save every cent you have because you never know when you might be in need. Financial advisers are there to help you save your hard earned money and ensure that you don’t misuse it carelessly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who could advise you about all your financial matters? It certainly would because financial advisers teach you the significance of investments and savings.
•    Events Assistant: Maybe you have always been good with colors and putting things together, an events making job may just be what you need to kick start your career. An event planner requires a multi-talented individual who might be tasked with doing three jobs at once but if you are passionate about it, it shouldn’t worry you when you sleep for only four hours a day. The best thing about working for an events company is being able to make contacts and network making it easier when you running a company of your own one day.

These are all good jobs but respectable jobs require a lot of sacrifice….the restaurant trade is no exception. It is your responsibility to make sure you are happy with your work environment and your potential is yours to nurse. An interview is a make or break but the actual job starts after that successful interview. The best way to impress your employers is to remind them why they hired you by working effectively and efficiently. The highest pay check does not always come from your bank notification; sometimes it comes from being recognized as a potential game changer in your field. Remember, creative cooking and thinking outside the box while preparing food and tasty dishes in a restaurant will set you apart from the rest.

What Do the Experts have to Say ?

Restaurant Review: By Jamie Who – All Things Food
“Thomas Maxwell Bistro remains one of my favourite restaurants in the country. And the similarities between them and another favourite, Bizerca Bistro, extend beyond the common use of a word in their titles. Both menus are simple and uncomplicated. Both menus focus on quality ingredients and classic combinations done extremely well. Both menus have perennial favourites mixed in with speciality, seasonal items. ”

Click here for the full review:http://aficionado.co.za/jamiewho/2010/12/20/restaurant-review-thomas-maxwell-bistro/