Chefs and Restaurant work in Cape Town

Working as a chef in a Cape Town restaurant is a great opportunity. Cape Town is a great city to explore your adventurous side, it is also a great place to settle down and build your career in the restaurant industry, as it is home to some of the countries finest chefs, serving up sumptuous cuisine. It is known as a place of abundant opportunities so it comes as a no surprise why it is cherished by many. Being different individuals with different tastes ranging from different backgrounds, our careers are not going to be the same. So it is recommended you shop around before settling in a job you don’t like. A lot of young chefs end up taking on part time work that takes them away from the sometime frenetic industry of preparing delectable dishes and food for gourmet guests.

After doing some research it seems that these young food enthusiasts often migrate  towards the following occupations when leaving the restaurant and hospitality industry:
•    Writer: There are a lot of blogs and internships available for beginners in the writing sector. A background in catering and food preparation would make writing articles for a food or restaurant blog a cinch. This job normally entail giving aspiring writers or graduates the opportunity to be taught by experienced writers how to write, edit and create various content. It is a great platform to grow in the social market and grow your brand as a writer. If all goes well, you may have your own blog some day!
•    Sale Consultant: A successful sale consultant is solely built on how much effort that specific individual is willing to put to get rewarding results. It also requires you to have good communication skills as you going to be speaking to clients on a regular basis. Ultimately, confidence is key, if you don’t trust your potential in winning a client, you probably won’t. However, if you believe in your efforts and dedication, you will succeed.
•    Hostess: To those that have studied Hospitality, this a perfect job for you. It is not only subject to Hospitality students or graduates but it also depends on how well you sell yourself at an interview. Being a hostess requires a lot of selfless service and always ensuring your clients are pleased at all times. Punctuality should be your forte as you will be working with bookings, meetings and cash registers. Time management is a great asset to have in this business because time is money and money is time!
•    Financial Adviser: We are aware of how money is the root of all evil and without it, we still struggle. That said, it is a good investment to save every cent you have because you never know when you might be in need. Financial advisers are there to help you save your hard earned money and ensure that you don’t misuse it carelessly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who could advise you about all your financial matters? It certainly would because financial advisers teach you the significance of investments and savings.
•    Events Assistant: Maybe you have always been good with colors and putting things together, an events making job may just be what you need to kick start your career. An event planner requires a multi-talented individual who might be tasked with doing three jobs at once but if you are passionate about it, it shouldn’t worry you when you sleep for only four hours a day. The best thing about working for an events company is being able to make contacts and network making it easier when you running a company of your own one day.

These are all good jobs but respectable jobs require a lot of sacrifice….the restaurant trade is no exception. It is your responsibility to make sure you are happy with your work environment and your potential is yours to nurse. An interview is a make or break but the actual job starts after that successful interview. The best way to impress your employers is to remind them why they hired you by working effectively and efficiently. The highest pay check does not always come from your bank notification; sometimes it comes from being recognized as a potential game changer in your field. Remember, creative cooking and thinking outside the box while preparing food and tasty dishes in a restaurant will set you apart from the rest.

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